If you would like to:

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Find balance in your life
  • Empower your psyche
  • Gain wisdom
  • Find your authentic self
  • Listen you inner voice
  • Understand you past
  • Live the moment consciously
  • Visualize your future
  • Boost you creativity
  • Learn how to write feely
  • Overcome your fear of criticism

Expressive writing sessions are ideal for you!

Dimitra Didangelou can help you with this inspirational journey.

The sessions are held through Skype in English language.
You can contact her for a first session for free at the email:


dimitra_didangelou_photo-tilman-vogler  Why Dimitra?

Dimitra Didangelou is a psychologist, science journalist and author (MSc Media Psychology).

She has worked as a journalist for more than twelve years in order to raise public awareness about mental health issues. Over recent years, she has additionally worked as a certified psychologist. Through expressive writing techniques, Dimitra helps people to bring balance in their lives and increase self- awareness.

She works with individuals and groups through the internet, having participants from all over the world. To paraphrase Ludwig Wittgenstein, she believes that “the limits of our world are the limits of the internet connection.”

When not working online, she grounds herself and finds balance between virtual and real life, by facilitating workshops which take place in nature, as it’s a way to come closer to our authentic and creative self.

She’s the founder of “Psyche” (www.empowerpsyche.org), an Institute which offers workshops promoting mental health and includes a psychology web magazine.

She’s a published author of a novel and many short stories.

Her training includes Advanced Study in Therapeutic Writing (The Center for Journal Writing in Denver, CO, USA), a Master of Science Degree in Psychology and Mass Media, a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Certificate in Philosophical Counselling and Psychotherapy.

She’s a member of the Movement for Global Mental Health, the International Association for Journal Writing and the Science View.

Learn more about Dimitra Didangelou here:


TEDx Speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNsHMEwNm2w

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dimitra.didangelou
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DidangelouD


If you have any inquiries about expressive writing sessions, you can contact Dimitra at:


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