The therapeutic writing one-on-one or group sessions are held by Dimitra Didangelou, licensed Psychologist, MSc, Specialized in Therapeutic/ Expressive writing.

Indicative cases: autoimmune diseases, traumatic experiences (CRM trauma therapy), chronic diseases, burn out, identity and sexual identity issues, relationship improvement, decision making, loss – mourning, transitions (pregnancy, divorce, unemployment, immigration, retirement, menopause  etc.), communication, assertiveness, behavioral problems, personal growth, career consultation, burn out of medical staff etc.

Autoimmune diseases program: a set of 8 individual sessions designed especially for people suffering from autoimmune diseases. The aim is to process the psychosomatic consequences of an autoimmune disease, any psychological processes that may have contributed to its trigger (traumatic experiences, chronic stress, loss, etc.) and also the psychological support of the person after diagnosis or due to changes that occur because of this (on physical, psychological, social level etc.). Combination of therapeutic writing techniques and the CRM model.

In addition, a special program is offered for writers with the aim of unblocking writing and eliminating internal obstacles in the writing process.

There is also the possibility of conducting a session in nature or in combination with walking.

The sessions are held in an environment of safety and support, with empathy and respect for each participant’s personality. You can feel comfortable and express yourself freely, without concern about criticism.

The sessions are held in English or Greek language online or in-person in Brussels, Belgium & Pelion, Greece. 

You can contact Dimitra at:



Avenue Maurice 1, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels

Pinakates, 37010, Pelion, Magnisia

There is also the option to conduct sessions outside in nature. 

mob. numbers: +32 495 660 113 (WhatsApp)
+30 694 854 9865 (WhatsApp)

Languages: English, Greek

dimitra_didangelou_photo-tilman-voglerSee Dimitra’s cv here.





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