What is expressive/therapeutic writing?

In expressive/therapeutic writing, we use writing as the primary means of expression for our thoughts and feelings. The power of words can help us heal, shed light on our experiences and bring balance to our lives while also increasing our self-awareness and promoting personal growth.


Is expressive /therapeutic writing like writing a diary?

In expressive writing, one can write a diary but in doing so apply specific techniques and exercises developed by experts and proven to contribute to mental health and overall wellness. Self reflection on the text is also as important as the process of writing it.


Can expressive writing improve my creativity?

While the process of writing on its own may awaken our creative side, there are also expressive writing techniques that can be used to specifically enhance creativity and help with artistic block.


Can I try expressive writing even if I don’t have any previous writing experience?

You don’t need any writing experience to benefit from expressive writing as the literary content, syntax, grammar and spelling aren’t important. Ideally, you write in complete freedom, without fear of criticism. There is no right or wrong. Through this process you will learn to accept your writing as a part of yourself and in this way reach self-acceptance.


How can I participate in expressive writing sessions or workshops?

Individual sessions and workshops are held by Dimitra Didangelou online but can also be arranged in person in Berlin, Cyprus, Greece, or by request in one of several other locations.


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