Guided retreats can be a powerful way of deepening your connection with yourself, your work and others. Our inspirational retreats in Greece are designed by Dimitra, psychologist, author and the founder of Expressing Myself Institute. They include workshops, one-on-one sessions, meaningful conversations and excursions at some of the best Greek beaches. A perfect combination of personal growth, socializing and nature connection.

Start by discovering some of the ways you can fill your life with new inspiration:

To discuss a personalised experience or organise one as part of a group or institution, you can contact Dimitra via email at
or WhatsApp (+30 694 854 9865) or schedule a 20-minute Skype meeting free-of-charge.

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A Glimpse of Pelion 

The Pelion peninsula in the Greek mainland is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, forests and hiking trails in Greece. The village of Pinakates is a hidden gem in the mountainous hills, a village of fewer than 200 inhabitants, one of whom is Dimitra when she is not traveling to give workshops, along with her husband and dog.

In Greek mythology, Pelion is referred to as ‘the pass of gods and heroes’. It was the homeland of Chiron the wise Centaurus, tutor of many ancient Greek heroes and healer. This place Dimitra selected as her home and your retreat destination for its breathtaking natural surroundings which inspire relaxation, profound reflection and peace of mind.
You can see it on the map here.


Choose Your Retreat

Whether you are seeking to take a break from the noise of everyday life, deepen your self-connection or simply get your creative juices flowing, we have a retreat for you.

Digital Detox & Nature Connection

The purpose of a digital detox is to give you the opportunity to disconnect from tech and reconnect with nature. Workshops take place within Pelion’s stimulating natural environments, with vast views of the Aegean Sea and boundless forested slopes paved with trekking trails. You will have workshops and one-on-one sessions with Dimitra and practice bilbliotherapy, which is the act of reading for therapeutic purposes. Immersion in the quietude and serenity of your natural surroundings will help to reawaken your inner voice and expand your creative potential. You will also have access to yoga instructors, massages and acupuncture sessions if desired. This retreat is designed for anybody who seeks deeper self-connection, connection with nature and a physically, mentally and spiritually vital experience.


Find Your Muse

In addition to its unique landscapes, Pelion is a region rich in mythology. It is here that Olympus gods chose to take refuge in the summer, which is not surprising considering all there is on offer. Beyond the inspiring history, daily excursions into the forest and sea will rouse your imagination. Delicious local dishes renowned across the nation will serve as your food for thought. Best of all, Dimitra’s expressive writing workshops will help you use the inspiration of your surroundings to get over your inner critic, overcome the self-doubt that leads to creative blockages, fight procrastination and express your authentic self. This retreat is for creative practitioners, writers, and artists from all fields and backgrounds who want to expand their creativity.

Gratitude Retreat

A gratitude retreat is ideal for individuals, families or groups who wish to strengthen their bonds with one another. As individuals, you will learn practical methods of embracing and valuing the positive forces in your life. These learnings can be useful tools for team-building or deepening personal relationships, enriching your inner experience far beyond the bounds of the retreat. In the end, you will take home with you a personal or group gratitude journal as a reminder of your practice. To find out more about the power of gratitude, read our article A thank you for everyday.

Personalised Experience

Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Individuals, groups and institutions are welcome to get in touch to design their own custom retreat.

To book, find out more or schedule a Skype call, email Dimitra at or contact her via Whatsapp (+30 694 854 9865).


Watch a video from previous retreats here:




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