In a world where we juggle work, studies, and family on a daily basis, it seems nearly impossible to find time for ourselves. We often push me time to tomorrow, but this “tomorrow” never happens. Knowing why, how, and when to spend me time is essential for our mental and physical well-being.

Making time for yourself boosts your self-confidence and relieves stress. It positively impacts relationships with others and, more importantly, yourself. In this article, we discuss the benefits of me time and the risks you might face if you ignore it.


❓ Me Time Explained
⚠️ Risks of not Having Me Time
✳️ Myths about Me Time
📜 Me Time Rules
💡 Me Time Ideas
🪄 Tips & Conclusion
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❓ What Is Me Time & Who Needs It

Me time is the time a person takes for personal enjoyment, relaxing practices, or other activities they enjoy. Women’s magazines popularized the term as a break women need to rest from parenting, work, household chores, etc. However, today me time is considered vital for everyone who cares about their own welfare.

Having me time means being present with your mind and body to recharge your batteries. You can spend it in various ways, depending on what gives you energy. Some people choose to have a bath, read a book or binge-watch Netflix, while others go for a walk or do yoga. As long as you’re alone with your thoughts, you’re successfully undertaking me time.

Who Needs Me Time?

Me time is essential for everyone who wants their mind and body to function optimally. If you experience stress, emotional burnout, or migraines, your body might be telling you that you need some rest.

Consider these symptoms as signs that you need to schedule some me time:

  1. Nothing sounds enjoyable anymore. If you find yourself constantly bored or procrastinating, this might indicate that you need to recharge emotionally.
  2. You regularly experience headaches and insomnia. These physical conditions might also mean that you’re under too much pressure and need rest.
  3. You can’t stop eating. Some people are emotional eaters, craving all the snacks in the house without actually being hungry.
  4. You feel overwhelmed by little things. If a minor inconvenience makes you feel emotionally paralyzed, it may indicate that you have too much to deal with and no energy left.

Why Do We Need Me Time?

There are various reasons why spending time by yourself is important.



Me time reduces stress and anxiety. Me time can help recharge your batteries and reduce stress levels.


Me time improves your productivity. Regular breaks are crucial for our brain to stay productive.


Me time boosts creativity. Doing something you enjoy helps your brain relax and broaden your imagination.
🎯 Me time gives space for self-discovery. To be happy with your everyday routine, you need time to stop and reflect on your core values and goals.



Me time makes your relationships stronger. When you prioritize me time, you teach others to treat your needs with respect.


Me time regulates your work-life balance. With regular me time, you learn to manage your everyday tasks according to their importance to you.
Me time leads to greater well-being. Me time improves your sense of self-worth and makes you feel more positive and fulfilled.

⚠️ What Happens if You Don’t Take Me Time?

Not getting enough time alone can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction. In addition:

  • People who don’t prioritize me time are easily frustrated and have less control over their reactions.
  • People who lack time alone have a greater chance of getting into unhealthy relationships.
  • Not enough me time can lead to insomnia, panic attacks, and even depression.
  • Not having me time can negatively affect studies or work since being under constant pressure decreases productivity.
  • Without me time, it is impossible to maintain a work-life balance.
  • People who don’t spend time alone often have trouble with self-esteem and overestimate the responsibilities they can handle.

✳️ Biggest Myths about Me Time

Me time is a hot topic. There is no surprise that various myths surround this self-care practice. Let’s uncover the most common misconceptions!

Me time = a Day at the Spa

The truth about me time is that you need to focus on things you enjoy. For some people spending a day at the spa or shopping center can be a form of self-care. For others, me time means a few minutes of deep breathing. As long as me time helps you connect with your mind and body, it doesn’t matter what activity you undertake. Remember that there is no wrong way to take care of yourself, and me time is about mindfulness and enjoyment!

Me Time Is Expensive

Social media has pushed the wrong idea that me time requires a lot of money. In reality, many free things can help you be present in the moment. Walking to your favorite music, sitting with your pets, or slowly sipping tea while reading a book are cost-free self-care activities. Suppose you’re willing to spend some money on your me time. In that case, you can always take yourself on a date to the cinema or a cafe. However, even the most minor things can significantly improve your well-being if you are present in the moment.

It Is Always Fun

It is essential to address that me time is not always about having fun. Sometimes things that bring us a sense of comfort can be challenging in the process. For example, a therapy session may make you reflect on your life’s hard times but will eventually contribute to personal growth. During me time, you need to be mindful of your chosen activities and remember that sometimes healing requires courage.

Me Time Is for Women

Me time practice is not bound to one specific group. Everybody deserves to be the best version of themselves, regardless of gender, race, or age. It is essential to recognize that me time looks different for each person, depending on their hobbies and values. What works for one person may not work for you. Consequently, people shouldn’t compare their me time habits or assign self-care to a specific gender. The goal is to find something that will fill your soul and improve your well-being.

📜 Rules for Organizing Me Time

Recognizing the importance of me time is the first step. Now you need to learn how to organize it.

Make a schedule

Try planning some me time and prioritize it in the same you prioritize work and family responsibilities. It is better to take small regular steps in the right direction.

Quality > quantity

If you want to spend your me time productively, it’s crucial to stay mindful of the activities you take on. If you don’t take them seriously, it won’t increase your efficiency.

Don’t feel guilty

Don’t feel guilty about not spending time at work or with your family. Having some time for yourself is vital for happier relationships and greater productivity.

Practice regularly

To make me time an essential part of your routine, you must do it regularly. Start by slowly introducing me time activities more than once a week.

Remember why it matters

Notice how me time is giving you space and strength to grow over time. Remember not to underestimate me time if you want to reach success in love, work, and self-realization.

💡 Me Time Ideas

You’re the one to decide how you want to spend this time. Below we have included some ideas to get you started:

At Home

  1. Write in your journal.
  2. Clean out your closet.
  3. Do collages.
  4. Paint.
  5. Watch a documentary.
  6. Do some yoga.
  7. Bake a cake.
  8. Cook something new.
  9. Birdwatch from your window.
  10. Write a letter to your future self.
  11. Try on new outfits.
  12. Rearrange your furniture.
  13. Share your secrets with a pet.
  14. Try affirmations.
  15. Light your favorite candle.
  16. Practice a foreign language.
  17. Start a new hobby.
  18. Meditate.
  19. Take a relaxing shower.
  20. Color or doodle.
  21. Practice breathing.
  22. Have a tea ceremony.
  23. Listen to a podcast.
  24. Start a blog.
  25. Write a list of things you’re grateful for.
  26. Learn how to make a budget and keep track of your money.
  27. Learn the basics of Photoshop or other programs.
  28. Write some poetry.
  29. Watch a motivational Ted Talk.
  30. Make a wish list.
  31. Change your sheets.
  32. Clean up your social media accounts.
  33. Do some online shopping.
  34. Listen to your favorite music album.


  1. Visit a local book store.
  2. Go thrifting.
  3. Check out a museum or gallery.
  4. Walk around the neighborhood.
  5. Try gardening.
  6. Try to work out outdoors.
  7. Take yourself out to lunch.
  8. Go for a hike.
  9. Discover a new cafe.
  10. Go swimming.
  11. Shop for décor for your room.
  12. Volunteer.
  13. Visit your local animal shelter.
  14. Book a night at a hotel outside town.
  15. Take some photos of nature.
  16. Go for a drive.
  17. Buy yourself flowers.
  18. Do some stretching outside.
  19. Go stargazing.
  20. Have a spa day.
  21. Sit in the sunlight.
  22. Sing some karaoke.
  23. Go wine tasting.
  24. Try a new workout class.
  25. Go to a comedy show.
  26. Do a random act of kindness.

Tips + Conclusion

When it comes to me time, we want you to remember the following:

  • If you experience stress and anxiety and feel like there is nothing fun in your life, it might be a sign that you need some me time.
  • Always schedule your me time, and don’t feel guilty about taking some time for yourself. It will make you happier and positively influence other spheres of your life!
  • Remember that me time is something everybody deserves and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Even minor things can help recharge your internal batteries!

By prioritizing yourself and committing to me time, you can achieve greater clarity and calm and derive greater enjoyment from life. Check with yourself daily if your needs are fulfilled, and refer to our me time ideas list. Finally, permit yourself to Choose YOU for a few moments every day.

Source: Ivy Panda Blog


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