Expressing MySelf Institute is based in Greece in the Pelion peninsula, which lies between Athens and Thessaloniki. Mountainous, dotted by villages and criss-crossed by old paths, the peninsula is bordered on both sides by sparkling seas and stony and sandy beaches. In Greek mythology, Pelion is referred to as ‘the pass of gods and heroes’.

As I’m local to this area, I organize retreats designed to combine relaxation, creativity, wellness with stunning scenery.

As a facilitator of writing workshops and author, I regularly organize inspirational writing retreats. 

You can see a video of a previous retreat here:

You can see my TED talk here:

You can participate in one of our retreats or ask me to organize yours.
I’m always happy having new collaborations and meeting new people from all over the world.

If you have an idea or just would like to say “hello” contact me at

Dimitra Didangelou


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