“Dimitra provided me with deeply insightful advice on the best way to proceed with the writing of a deeply personal memoir and on the struggles that come with it.”
S.A., Berlin


Through expressive writing I gained breath and power. I learned to see situations and myself from a whole different perspective, more intrinsically and hopefully.
N.K., Luxembourg


Outstanding experience, which helps you to discover a new part of yourself.
R.N., Switzerland


As an academic, I came to the workshop with hesitation but found both the preparatory readings/ writing exercises and actual session extremely helpful. Dimitra creates a steady pace during the workshop, with variation and fun activities, welcoming everyone to share and reflect. No matter what your writing level or field, I am sure you’ll find this class inspiring.”
N.G., Berlin


Freedom, revelation, catharsis. I felt like I got the pen down to my soul and then I imprinted it onto paper. And then, I faced the truth that finally was inside me. I saw, on the paper, me, in my most authentic form.
Th. K., Cyprus


I would recommend Dimitra’s expressive writing workshops to absolutely anyone, at any stage of their life or career. From the first session, I felt I was already a step forward in overcoming my blockages and discovering newfound enjoyment and confidence in my work. The methods were so practical and flexible that I could adapt them to my specific needs, while setting measurable goals. Above all, her exercises opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about my work, and myself.
S.B., Prague


“I hugely enjoyed the one-on-one session with Dimitra. She is a great listener, and knows how to ask all the right questions to get you thinking about your own writing process. I finished the session feeling very motivated and with new insights and perspectives relating to present and future work. Perfect!”
M.H., Berlin


“This retreat was one of the most powerful experiences of my life, one that truly helped me to finally push my writing forward. Very well organized, great workshops, productive time to write, magical location.”
S. A., Berlin