WORKSHOP with psychologist, journalist and author Dimitra Didangelou

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
Albert Einstein

A workshop that combines the love of writing, nature and personal growth.

The basic idea is to learn how to write freely, without the fear of criticism and find your authentic voice asking for help from nature.

During the workshop, we are going to do some walking, extensive listening to our inner voice and copious expressive writing.

What is expressive writing – How it works

In expressive writing, specific techniques are used in order to express feelings and thoughts. By allowing emotions and life experiences to flow upon paper we bring balance back into our life and promote mental wellbeing.

There is no need for previous writing experience.


 Dimitra_Didangelou_19_small About the facilitator

Dimitra Didangelou is a psychologist, science journalist and author (MSc Media Psychology). She aims to help people gain insight and bring balance in their life through expressive writing.

She has worked as a journalist for more than twelve years in order to raise public awareness about mental health issues. In the most recent years she has worked as a certified psychologist as well. Many of the workshops she facilitates take place in nature, as it’s a way to come closer to our authentic and creative self.

She’s the founder of  “Psyche”, which offers online personal growth workshops combining psychology and arts.

She strongly believes what Margaret Atwood claimed: “A word after a word after a word is power.”

Dimitra is a published writer of a novel and many short stories.

Her training includes Advanced Study in Therapeutic Writing (The Center for Journal Writing in Denver, CO, USA), a Master of Science Degree in Psychology and Mass Media, a Bachelor in Psychology and a Certificate in Philosophical Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Learn more about Dimitra here.

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Outstanding experience, which helps you to discover a new part of yourself.
R.N., Switzerland

Through expressive writing I gained breath and power. I learned to see situations and myself from a whole different perspective, more intrinsically and hopefully.
N.K., Luxembourg

Freedom, revelation, catharsis. I felt like I got the pen down to my soul and then I imprinted it onto paper. And then, I faced the truth that finally was inside me. I saw, on the paper, me, in my most authentic form. 

Th. K., Cyprus

It touches the soul and liberates emotions…
K.I., Greece

I liked the workshop very much, the leader was very helpful and the other participants were nice and respectful. The exercises helped me to unblock my mind and to understand better my thinking and feelings.

P.D., Berlin


This workshop travels all around the world!

Do you wish this woskhop to be held in a place near you or within the agency of your organization? You can contact the facilitator, Dimitra, at:


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